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The Journey Takers

The Journey Takers
The Journey Takers is the true story of author Leslie Albrecht Huber's ancestors, from their emigration from Germany, Sweden and England to the trials and travails they endured while seeking to build a new life for themselves in America. Thousands of hours of research enable Huber to reconstruct a deeply personal, profoundly vivid picture of challenges these men and women faced. Extensive notes and a list of sources round out this captivating portrayal, solidly grounded in reference yet written as smoothly flowing as a novel. Highly recommended.
–Midwest Book Reviews

The Journey Takers is available online through,, Family Chronicle Magazine, Deseret Book, and at bookstores.

“Leslie Albrecht Huber has the ability to pull us back in history, allowing us to view it through her eyes. She is able to capture the essence of life as it may have been. The reader will find it impossible to lay the book aside as Huber shares her experience in a way that envelops, inspires, and motivates.”

          -Holly Hansen, Family History Expos President

The Journey Takers has been featured on Good Morning America, The History Channel Club newsletter, the Roundtable on Northeast Public Radio, Genealogy Gems Podcast (#98), American Spirit Magazine, LDS Living, German Life, Mormon Times, and other publications. Leslie has spoken about the book on NBC-15 television, KSL’s People of Faith, KCPW, and in person to audiences across the country.

Freelance writer and genealogist, Leslie Albrecht Huber, delves into the past to recreate the immigration story in her new book, The Journey Takers. Centered on the story of one family, the book widens its focus to tell the dramatic story of one of the most influential groups of people in US history—the nineteenth-century European immigrant.

Huber’s ancestors were journey takers, leaving their homes in Germany, Sweden, and England behind to sail to the US and start new lives here. Huber sets out to trace these journeys and to understand her family—who they were and what mattered to them. As she follows in their footsteps, walking the paths they walked and looking over the land they farmed, she finds herself on a journey she hadn’t expected. Based on thousands of hours of research, Huber recreates the immigration experience in a way that captures both its sweeping historical breadth and its intimately personal consequences.

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“…an important contribution to the field of family history…”
-Dr. Raymond Wright, former director of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City and retired professor of history from Brigham Young University

“With The Journey Takers, Leslie Albrecht Huber brings her ancestors to life. She adds flesh to the bones of a genealogical study by weaving historical context, family stories, and her personal feelings into the fabric of the story. The hardships and heartaches of those who came before her are tightly bound to the journey that took them from the old world and into a new life."
-Cyndi Ingle Howells, creator and owner of Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

“The Journey Takers is a delight to read. Leslie Albrecht Huber has recreated her ancestors' lives, intertwining their colorful stories with her own journey back in time and forward in life.”
-Helen Schatvet Ullmann, associate editor of The New England Historical and Genealogical Register

“Leslie Albrecht Huber’s writing skills are excellent and her research knowledge is top-notch.”
-Ed Zapletal, owner of Moorshead Magazines (publisher of Family Chronicle, History Magazine, Internet Genealogy, and Discovering Family History)

“The Journey Takers shows Huber’s ability to use sources to discover who these people of the past were, most especially to make them come alive. Her style of meshing her journey of discovery with their individual life stories makes a compelling narrative.”
-Dr. Kathryn Daynes, professor of history at Brigham Young University and past president of the Mormon History Association

“The Journey Takers shows an impressive level of research, polished writing, and engaging and frequently moving interpretations. The theme that emerges about the importance and lasting influence of choices is a powerful one.”
-Dr. Lavina Fielding Anderson, author of Lucy’s Book: Critical Edition of Lucy Mack Smith's Family Memoir


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